Cheem "Guilty Pleasure" Limited Edition Compact Disc

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Cheem "Guilty Pleasure" Limited Edition Compact Disc

Limited Edition Compact Disc of "Guilty Pleasure" by Cheem 1 of 50. Includes a digital download of "Guilty Pleasure". All files in .WAV format.
1. Virtual Boy
2. Snag
3. Clueless
4. Cheem Szn
5. Overload
6. Pay 2 Play
7. Mango
8. Worldstar
9. Emerge


Sam Nazaretian - Vocals
Skye Holden - Guitar, Vocals
Gabe Weitzman - Guitar
Nate Porter - Bass
Sean Thomas - Drums

Tracked at the Hartt School of Music
Produced by Gabe Weitzman
Mastered by Kris Crummett

Special thanks to everyone who helped with our release and made our new record a possibility. Some shoutouts below

Connor Lenihan, Steph Powell, Bobby Woody, Alex Pickert, Ben Martines, Lonely Ghost records, Kevin Silva, Sean Elkind, Izzy, Jim Chapdelaine, Cape Holden, Nate DiDomizio, Sarah Stroh, jeremiah bermel, Laura, David Langberg, betsy, sunflower noonan, Stephen Cardone, Little Star PR, Alex Martin, and anyone that gave our record the time of day

***This is a pre-order. Anticipated shipping time is mid-September. We still ship then sooner if we receive them earlier****