(Leave) Nelson B "2.0: Phantom" LP Digital Download

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(Leave) Nelson B "2.0: Phantom" LP Digital Download

Track Listing:
1. Post Mortem
2. The Change You Needed
3. Just Lie Kevin
4. Vincent Adultman
5. Ajar
6. Scrappy
7. How Some
8. Daddy Issues

Composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nelson Broadhead
Album artwork by Momo Mojo featuring S N A K E B U T T as the model

Featured Samples:
Post Mortem: Dentine by Funeral Homes
The Change We Needed: The Chang You Wanted by Arise!, Sir
Just Lie Kevin: Just Like Kevin by haxxer
Vincent Adultman: Princess Caroline by Superdestroyer
Ajar: Crack by Winnebago Vacation
Scrappy: Scooby by Superdestroyer
How Some: Somehow by Winnebago Vacation
Daddy Issues: Spring-heeled Jack by Father of the Year

Released January 24, 2020 via Lonely Ghost Records
Digital download comes in .wav format