Hey, ily "P.S.S.U.S.S.P./Internet Breath" Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundle

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Hey, ily "P.S.S.U.S.S.P./Internet Breath" Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundle

-12" Pink Variant of "P.S.S.U.S.S.P./Internet Breath" by Hey, ily. Limited Edition 1 or 300.
-Exclusive white Hey, ily 100% Cotton T-Shirt (only available for purchase with this bundle)
-Digital download of "P.S.S.U.S.S.P." and "Internet Breath"


Side A (P.S.S.U.S.S.P.):
1. Sorry
2. Fleshy Monsters
3. With You
4. The Sad Acoustic Song
5. Goodbye, Goodbye

Side B (Internet Breath):
1. DigitalLung.EXE
2. Don't Talk About It (Your Weird Complex)
3. Behave Like Tundra
4. Slumped
5. Projection Joins the Battle!
6. pretty boi!

***THIS ITEM IS A PRE-ORDER. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the increased demand for vinyl, vinyl manufacturers across the globe are backed up. Currently, we anticipate vinyl to begin shipping between March and June of 2022.