Superdestroyer "GOON" Limited Edition Frosted Translucent Cassette

  • Superdestroyer

Superdestroyer "GOON" Limited Edition Frosted Translucent Cassette

Limited Edition Frosted Translucent Variant of "GOON" by Superdestroyer 1 of 25. Includes a digital download of "GOON". All files in .WAV format.

Album Credits:
Written* and performed** by Superdestroyer
Recorded at Existential Dread
Co-Produced by Superdestroyer and Daniel Zasadny
Remotely Mixed by Daniel Zasadny at Eureka! Records in Troy, MI (@danielzasadny, @eurekarecordsmi)
Mastered by Kris Crummet
Album artwork by Lonny Starsky (@nightmarebeach)

We Don't Have The Benefits of Time Travel:
*Spoken sample written by Father of the Year
**Spoken sample performed by Father of the year

Beach Curse:
**Harsh Vocals recorded and performed by Caleb Haynes (Hey, ily)

Death Mask:
*Verse 2 written by Father of the Year
**Verse 2 performed and recorded by Father of the Year
*Guitars written by Gregory Johnson (Oldphone)
**Guitars performed and recorded by Gregory Johnson

FKA Still Chill:

**Verse vocals performed and recorded by Blake Turner (New You)
**Harsh Vocals performed and Recorded by Analogue Heart
*Second chorus bassline written by Daniel Zasadny
**Verse Drums and second chorus bassline performed and recorded by Daniel Zasadny

Thanks to everyone who listened to demos, gave me feedback, and contributed to songs; and to everyone who supports this project. It's awesome to be part of such a great community and to have people connect to your music and it means the world that anyone does. Please check out all is the artists mentioned in the credits and everyone over at Lonely Ghost Records!

Released via Lonely Ghost Records on October 14, 2022