Superdestroyer x Gutless "Double Feature GOON/Build And Burn" Limited Edition Pumpkin Orange Translucent Cassette

  • Superdestroyer x Gutless

Superdestroyer x Gutless "Double Feature GOON/Build And Burn" Limited Edition Pumpkin Orange Translucent Cassette

Limited Edition Pumpkin Orange Translucent Variant of "GOON" by Superdestroyer and "Build And Burn" by Gutless. Includes a digital download of "GOON" and "Build and Burn". All files in .WAV format.

"GOON" Album Credits:
Written* and performed** by Superdestroyer
Recorded at Existential Dread
Co-Produced by Superdestroyer and Daniel Zasadny
Remotely Mixed by Daniel Zasadny at Eureka! Records in Troy, MI (@danielzasadny, @eurekarecordsmi)
Mastered by Kris Crummet
Album artwork by Lonny Starsky (@nightmarebeach)

We Don't Have The Benefits of Time Travel:
*Spoken sample written by Father of the Year
**Spoken sample performed by Father of the year

Beach Curse:
**Harsh Vocals recorded and performed by Caleb Haynes (Hey, ily)

Death Mask:
*Verse 2 written by Father of the Year
**Verse 2 performed and recorded by Father of the Year
*Guitars written by Gregory Johnson (Oldphone)
**Guitars performed and recorded by Gregory Johnson

FKA Still Chill:

**Verse vocals performed and recorded by Blake Turner (New You)
**Harsh Vocals performed and Recorded by Analogue Heart
*Second chorus bassline written by Daniel Zasadny
**Verse Drums and second chorus bassline performed and recorded by Daniel Zasadny

Thanks to everyone who listened to demos, gave me feedback, and contributed to songs; and to everyone who supports this project. It's awesome to be part of such a great community and to have people connect to your music and it means the world that anyone does. Please check out all is the artists mentioned in the credits and everyone over at Lonely Ghost Records!

"Build And Burn" Album Credits:
Vi Viana - vocals, guitar, organ, piano, synthesizers, glockenspiel; bass (on track 6)
Maxim Moritz - lead guitar
Andrew Martin - bass
Tim McGowan - drums
Veronica Prudence - additional lead and rhythm guitars; vocals (track 11)
Jeremy Hunter (JER / Skatune Network) - trombone, trumpet, and tenor saxophone (track 3)
George Geanuracos (Yankee Roses) - violin (tracks 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10); vocals (track 5)
Candice Maritato (Woolbright) - vocals (tracks 5 and 10)
Brianna Uknowit (Cooper!) - mandolin and vocals (track 6)
Rob McGregor - singing saw (track 1)

Mixed and mastered by Josie Lucido
Initial recording by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studio
Additional recording and production by Vi Viana
Photography by Jeremy McGuire, Chris Denmark, and Brianna Uknowit
Background painting by Annette Gilley
Design and layout by Vi Viana

Many thanks to Dani, Bird, Maciej, Josie, and all of our Knifepunch comrades for helping us finish and release this record that we’ve poured so much of ourselves onto for the past 3-4 years of our lives. Many thanks to our dear friends who provided additional instrumentation and vocals, most of which was recorded remotely with their own gear. Many thanks to everyone who’s supported, encouraged, and shaped us through our multiple years of activity and inactivity. Thank you all for making all of this possible.

Double feature released via Lonely Ghost Records and Knifepunch Records on October 21, 2022. "GOON" released via Lonely Ghost Records on October 14, 2022. "Build And Burn" released via Knifepunch Records on October 14, 2022